We have successfully continued in the since 10
years we started our journey in 2004, a decisive
step.These day we are celebrating our 10th years.
We are in the joy of yor life with the vaules we
have in our country and our times.

  We will continue to work with our first day's
excitement with larger objectives fort he next 10


     Renkly Group in 2004 with the name of the Group strategy consulting company until 2006,making advertising and publishing activity."Renkly Thrace" magazine contains locale-specific information magazine named the company after this his term from 2 years are turning into a move with only fair organization and activity in the name of Renkly Fair Ltd.Şti. changed as well.İn 2006, fair regulatory document.taking the first step into the lane of the national exhibition company on.
     Renkly Fair organization branding process,in 2005.starting with the formation of agricultural Festival in Çorlu immediately followed again in 2006 and 20,000 m2 in Çorlu literally started with "TarımTech" 2006 was held.This exhibition,from the visitors,unable to come to the fair to farmers "have an enormous exhibition in Çorlu.Go necessarily!" with rumors of great interst.Working in the agricultural sector in Turkey visit of fair,national channel in news as published.All those years.20,000m2 shut area in agricultural trade was a fair organization in realization of national Turkey.Adana,İzmir,Konya,İstanbul and Thrace, from the city of vine-tensioning system in the "HALL" consisting of four giant tents were replaced.
     Renkly Fairs.the synergy created by these organizations in the agriculture sector,with beter quality can create fair standarts,farmers and participants can meet easily began to look for a place.The name of that distict Lüleburgaz center,organized in that area by a decision of the Council with the influence of the fair Expo Center.The number of fairs in 2015,while Biga Nutriment Agriculture,animal husbandry and technology has been nine to the fair.




Agriculture and stackbreeding fair in Karacabey 

Shut bazaar and fair area in Karacabey

Agriculture and stackbreeding fair in Gönen

Shut bazaar and fair area in Gönen

Thrace Stackbreeding,dairy products and seed Fairs

District and fair area in Lüleburgaz 

Nutriment,Agriculture,stackbreeding,industry Fairs in Edirne

Fair area in Edirne

Autoshow in Çorlu  

New Fair area in Çorlu

Tarımtech Fair in Çorlu

New Fair area in Çorlu

Autoshow in Thrace 

Lüleburgaz district and fair area bin Kırklareli

Biga Nutriment,agriculture,stackbreeding Techonology fair

Shut bazaar and fair area in Biga

Tarımtech fair in Thrace

District and fair area in Lüleburgaz