We have successfully continued in the since 10
years we started our journey in 2004, a decisive
step.These day we are celebrating our 10th years.
We are in the joy of yor life with the vaules we
have in our country and our times.

  We will continue to work with our first day's
excitement with larger objectives fort he next 10

Fair Cleandar in 2015

Start Finished Fair's Name Place City
22.07.2015 26.07.2015 Nutriment, agriculture, stackbreeding İndustry fairs in Edirne Fair area in Edirne EDİRNE
05.08.2015 09.08.2015 3.Autoshow Accessorys fair in Çorlu New fair area TEKİRDAĞ
02.09.2015 06.09.2015 Thrace 5.Autoshow District and fair area in Lüleburgaz KIRKLARELİ
11.09.2015 13.09.2015 5.Nutriment,agriculture.Stackbreeding and Techonology fair İn Biga Shut bazaar and fair area in Biga ÇANAKKALE
30.09.2015 04.10.2015 Thrace 10.Tarımtech Fair District and fair area in Lüleburgaz KIRKLARELİ